7 Facts concerning London

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London, the capital town of the European country is one of the foremost numerous and cosmopolitan cities within the world. we tend to square measure conveyance you some fun facts concerning London, the second most-visited town within the world. 

1. Oldest Subway within the World 

In 1890, it became the world’s 1st railroad system once electrical trains began operative. 

2. clock it’s not the name of London’s painting Tower 

Big Ben is that the name for the huge thirteen tons bell within the tower and also the name of the tower is Elizabeth Tower! 

3. wherever did the rock band sleep in London altogether? 

The only true home shared by all four rock bands was a flat at fifty-seven inexperienced Street close to Hyde Park, wherever they lived within the fall of 1963. 

4. London Eye – The Tallest ride in Europe 

London Eye is one hundred thirty-five meters tall and incorporates a diameter of a hundred and twenty meters. it’s thirty-two capsules and a ride take a half-hour. the complete wheel weighs quite one,000 tons. 

5. however can we recognize once the Queen is in Buckingham Palace? 

When the Queen is in Buckingham Palace, you’ll see her royal flag flying from the flagpole. This flag, which is termed the Royal normal, should solely be flown from buildings wherever the Queen is a gift. 

6. Tower Bridge is haunted? 

The Tower Bridge is reported to be haunted. For years, guests have claimed sightings of a British police policeman patrolling the bridge and a girl in black roaming the night. 

7. London Cab Drivers ought to con every single street in London 

Black Cabs square measure terribly illustrious and a part of the London culture, you’ll see them all over. however, becoming a Black Cab driver isn’t very easy. Typically, the coaching lasts for two to four years, and candidates should con every single street in London.